The Quonset stood on the boundary of worlds that rarely mixed:

black and white, secular and sacred, known and unknown.


This documentary tells the life story of Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Quonset Auditorium – a venue that served big time stars and local legends of all stripes during the entertainment boom after the Second World War.


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Glimpse into the lives of diverse entertainers ranging from R&B, country, and gospel musicians – to professional wrestlers – whose paths intersected at roadhouses like the Quonset when segregation was being challenged and entertainment was booming.

This is a story of firsts: first roadhouse in a small Kentucky town open to both Black and White audiences; first integrated house band; first bluegrass music, and first loves. It highlights the contributions of local talent to the careers of now famous recording artists and entertainers. These real life stories are springboards for discussions about the development of the Civil Rights Movement, media trends, pop culture, public memory, and the politics of historic preservation.



These entertainers also tell stories about others who shared the stage at the Quonset including:



        Produced & Directed by Amber Ridington.  See the Full list of Credits.